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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Six stroke engine

Six stroke engine
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A six stroke engine is an automobile engine in which the piston of the engine move up and down an additional time for each injection of fuel. The engine, developed from 2004 to 2006, appears to be more fuel efficient than a traditional four stroke engine.The currently famous six stroke engine designs include the Beare Head,Crower's six stroke engine,Bajulaz engine and the Six-stroke engine(Trivandrum).

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1 How it Works
1.1 “Bajulaz six stroke engine”
1.2 “Six-stroke engine (Trivandrum)”
1.3 “Crower's six stroke engine”
2 The Inventors
3 In the News
4 Advantages of Six Stroke Engine
5 Patent
6 Awards
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How it Works

“Bajulaz six stroke engine”
The Bajulaz six stroke engine is similar to an actual IC engine in design. The modification goes in the cylinder head for which two supplementary chambers – a combustion chamber and an air preheating chamber have been provided. The combustion occurs in a totally enclosed chamber (isochoric), thereby increasing the thermal efficiency. The advantages include reduction in fuel consumption by at least 40%; two expansion strokes (work) in six strokes, Multi-fuel usage and dramatic reduction in pollution.

“Six-stroke engine (Trivandrum)”
In the six-stroke engine developed by the students of College of Engineering, Trivandrum, India, the first four strokes are the same as a four stroke internal combustion engine. After the exhaust stroke, instead of air/fuel mixture (as in case of petrol engines) fresh air is sucked into the cylinder from the air filter, and is removed during the sixth stroke.The valve overlaps have been removed and the additional two strokes have been provided for better scavenging, using air injection.The engine shows 40% reduction in fuel consumption and dramatic reduction in pollution. Its specific power is not less than that of a four-stroke petrol engine. The engine can run on almost any fuel, petrol and diesel to LPG. An altered engine shows a 65% reduction in CO pollution when compared with the four stroke engine that was used to develop the Six-Stroke Engine.

“Crower's six stroke engine”
In the six-stroke engine patented in the U.S. by Bruce Crower, after the exhaust stroke, fresh water is injected into the piston, and is quickly turned to superheated steam, which causes the water to expand to 1600 times its volume and forces the piston down for an additional stroke.[1]

This design also claims to reduce fuel consumption by 40%.

The Inventors
Bajulaz Six Stroke Engine
Bajulaz S A , Switzerland.

Crower's Six Stroke Engine
The 75 year old inventor - Bruce Crower is the person behind this hybrid cycle six stroke engine

Trivandrum, India team
The Team includes Aaron Joseph George, Arun K Nair, Boby Sebastian and Krishnaraj U. It took them almost two years to develop the engine. A four-stroke Honda engine was experimentally altered to build the new one.Former Honda chief technician Anil CC assisted the project.The idea regarding the modification was proposed and practiclly implemented by Anil while the students formulated the theories and helped develop the engineering aspects of the IC engine.

In the News
CET students kickstart a six-stroke engine (NewIndPress; Sept. 4, 2006) [free registration required]
Article in Mathrubhumi News paper (Mathrubhumi Online; Sept. 13, 2006) [Language : Malayalam]
Revving up with love (The Hindu; Feb. 14, 2005)
The Six-Stroke Engine (Damn Interesting; March 18th, 2006)
Autoweek article on the six-stroke engine (Feb. 23, 2006)

Advantages of Six Stroke Engine
Bajulaz six stroke engine

Reduction in fuel consumption by at least 40%
Two expansions (work) in six strokes
Dramatic reduction in pollution
Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Cost comparable to those of a four-stroke engine
Six-stroke engine (Trivandrum)

Reduction in fuel consumption
Dramatic reduction in pollution
Better scavenging and more extraction of work per cycle
Lower engine temperature - so , easy to maintain the optimum engine temperature level for better performance
Less friction – so , less wear and tear
The six-stroke engine does not require any basic modification to the existing engines. All technological experience and production methods remain unaltered.
Crower's six stroke engine

No cooling system required
Improve a typical engine’s fuel consumption

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