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Saturday, November 14, 2009

result surwey and problem

Problem Identification

Nowadays, there are so many smokers all around the world. Some are heavy smoker; some are just social smokers. No matter how many cigarette they take, they have create many problem. Smoke, stump and ashes, it all came from them. But, besides creating problem, they also had their own problem.

For example, when they go traveling. Smoker, when they smoke, they create ashes. They did not know where to throw the ashes. So they just throw it anywhere they like. It will make the place looks dirty. After they have finish smoke, the problem comes back. They are so lazy to throw the stump to the nearest dustbin; they just throw it like that.

We look deeply into their problems and come up with one solution. We want to produce a product that can settle their problem. We want to design a portable ashtray that can put inside the pocket and can bring to everywhere they go.

Result from the survey

From the survey we did, most of the smokers want their portable ashtray have this entire characteristic:
o Small
o Lightweight
o Simple
o Easy to use/bring
o Attractive
o Cheap


To produce this product, we have selected plastic as our material. This is because plastic are:
o Corrosion resistance and resistance to chemicals
o Low electrical and thermal conductivity
o Low density(which is good for lightweight component)
o Have wide choice of colors and transparencies
o Relatively low cost

Plastic has three types.
1. thermoplastic
2. thermosets
3. elastomer

For this product, we have decided to selected thermoplastic type. In this type, we choose to use ABS (acrylonitirile-butadiene-styrene). This because it is dimensionally stable and rigid, good strength and toughness, good resistance for impacts, abrasion and chemicals. All these characteristics are match with our product that we want to produce.

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